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NPHS web site has teamed up with Cafepress to make available merchandise with NPHS logos and graphics. I have order in samples of the merchandise and both the printing and quality are excellent. Cafepress offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Cafepress does all the shipping, printing and handles the payment. All graphics and designs are furnished by the web master.

The reason for more than one store... Only 50 items in each store and no two items can be the same. (Can not have the same item with different graphics.)

If you would like different graphics/design/merchandise send your requests to the web master.  (Does not have to be limited to NPHS stuff.)

Links to all stores on Cafepress.com.

NPHS online store #1    1939 to 1964
NPHS online store #2    1939 to 1964

NHS  online Store # 3    1965 to 2006


Enjoy and happy shopping

Web master